America is changing. Millennials and Gen Z now represent half the U.S. population, and half of them are politically unaffiliated. They lean decidedly left, but they don’t support either party.

Although both parties are corrupt and dysfunctional, the idea of a one-party tyranny, that excludes tens of millions of Americans, is even more frightening than the current, polarizing two-party system.

America needs both parties to improve their collaboration and joint performance. We need to embrace the best ideas, from both sides, to govern a population that has become increasingly divided.

To remain relevant, Republicans will need to respond to changing…

Let’s take a closer look at the second impeachment of Donald Trump, before the U.S. Senate convenes on February 8, 2021, to consider the Articles of Impeachment delivered by the House.

For some, the second impeachment of Donald Trump, and his possible ‘‘disqualification to hold’’ further public office (under art. I § 3 of the Constitution), is a just and welcome undertaking. For others, it’s part of a continuing, unjustified, and unconstitutional assault on their President.

This issue is not simply about Donald Trump. …

“We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.”

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook

An Inability to Agree on Basic Facts.

In One Hundred Years of Solitude, (which ironically includes a rigged election between the Liberal and Conservative Parties), the novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez paints a haunting picture of what happens when societies can’t agree on basic facts.

The novel describes a mass shooting of Colombian civilians by government troops, at a banana plantation in 1928, which becomes the background for a mysterious amnesia gripping the people. …

During the next 40 days, Trump will nominate, and the Republican-controlled Senate will confirm, Trump’s third Supreme Court nominee.

Yes. Cry if you must. It’s a fait accompli.

And to make matters even worse for Democrats, any disorderly obstruction will only increase the likelihood of Trump’s re-election.

Which leaves Democrats with only one good option. Let RBG’s life serve as an example — that highlights what Democrat appointments can and should mean. Yes, I know, this will never happen.

Few Democrats will listen. HRC is already calling for resistance at every level, on every front. HRC is no RBG. …

Neither and both.

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “before someone will listen to what you have to say, they first need to know why you’re saying it.”

My goal is understanding. I’m in search of the truth. And when I believe I’ve discovered the truth, I like to share it with others who may not have the time or the ability to discover it on their own. It’s my way of leveraging my strengths and my interests, to make a social contribution.

I don’t need to persuade anyone of anything. And I’m not in need of validation. Partisans, who think they have all the…

It’s not about you. It never has been and it never will be. It’s about us.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (“RBG”) said, “The true symbol of the United States is not the bald eagle, it is the pendulum.”

When you understand what she means by this, you’ll understand why it’s not about you, and why the significance of these words cannot be overstated.

The truth is, we ignore the pendulum at our collective peril. And yet that is precisely what we are doing — we are ignoring the pendulum.

What RBG was referring to as the “pendulum”, is the…

Corporations Hold One of the Keys to Social and Political Reform.

Media has become a major source of social and political division. It is also essential to social and political reform. And corporations, who advertise on media, have the power to influence media policy and programming.

Corporations have the power to redirect media away from creating division, toward creating positive social change? And they’re already doing it. They need to do more. Much more.

Our influence as consumers of media is limited because we aren’t the direct source of their revenue. We could boycott media and create change, but corporate advertisers are able to have a more direct and immediate influence…

The George Floyd Protests

On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed by a white Minneapolis police officer who pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck, for more than 8 minutes, ultimately asphyxiating him.

And to make matters even worse, while this was happening, and while others gathered and began to film the encounter with their cell phones, 3 other officers did nothing to help Floyd. Instead, they either participated in restraining Floyd or looked on, ignoring Floyd’s repeated pleas of “I can’t breath”, and the pleas of others who tried to alert the police to what…

The world is now faced with a hundred-year pandemic. And the stakes could not be higher.

We don’t have the time or luxury to accommodate irresponsible behavior. At best, it’s an unhelpful distraction. At worst, it’s a threat to our collective welfare.

Watching people protest, during a pandemic, is like watching a gang of gravediggers, digging our collective grave, including their own, and then refusing to lay down their shovels because they claim to have “the right” to dig.

This is not about you and your rights. It’s about all of us. It’s about the nation’s public safety and economic…

America is at a tipping point.

We are living in the most extraordinary period in human history. The opportunities and challenges that we will encounter over the next 30 years are beyond extraordinary — they are beyond our ability to even comprehend.

These changes will test our competency, our sense of community, our beliefs and our resolve. And yet today, at a time when we should be planning and preparing, we are instead divided by race, age, sex, religion, economics, and identity politics. And we are paralyzed by political dysfunction.

For the first time, in the 40-year history of the…

George J. Chanos

George J. Chanos, Esq. served as Nevada’s 31st Attorney General. His books, “Seize Your Destiny” and “Millennial Samurai” are available on

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